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Nearly all major corporations use channel letters in some way, because channel letters – unlike many other types of signs – are the easiest to read from any distance, and provide backlit lighting so that your business name can be seen both during the day and at night.

Every letter can be customized with the right font or colors, so that it still represents the brand you’re trying to put forward. Yet compared to other large signs, channel letters also ensure that no matter the weather, lighting, or direction you see the sign, you can always make out the letters and words.

It’s because of the way these illuminated channel letter lighted signs are able to capture attention that you’ll find companies use them for a variety of purposes:

  • Company Name – These signs are most commonly used as a way to advertise the store name. Most major companies use channel letters to craft signs that tell others where their store is located, and are especially useful if your store has become a well-known brand.

  • Company Services/Products – Many others use these signs to advertise their products, When your brand isn’t as well known or you are trying to compete for business from those that walk by, channel letter signage for your products or services can be a great way to capture people’s attention.

We have the lighted channel letters that get your business noticed, along with fast turnaround, excellent customer service, free estimates, and options that are sure to impress. Here are few types of channel letter signs;

Front Lit Channel Letters

Front lit channel letters are the most common type of channel letter. The light of these channel letters shines only on the front of the letter (hence the name) and provide lighted letters that are easily visible from a distance. 

Face-lit Channel Letters 

The term “Face Lit” channel letters is sometimes used interchangeably to “Front Lit” channel letters, but may also refer to a more open face design without side paneling. Both area easily visible at night, and often used in retail.  

Plastic Formed Channel Letters 

Plastic formed channel letters are usually front lit, although not always. They are created out of molded plastic that tends to create a unique and 180 degree bright appearance that many store owners enjoy. 

Reverse-lit/Halo Effect letters 

Reverse lit channel letters, also known as halo effect channel letters, are very popular throughout New York City due to their 3D illuminated letter appearance. They are very bright, although slightly less visible than front lit letters, but they help create an ambiance that is very popular with bars, clubs, and professional services. 

Face and Back-lit letters 

Face and back halo lit channel letters utilize the strengths of both common types of signs. They are illuminated at the front, so that the words on the page are easily displayed, but also have lights on the back to give that halo and depth effect.

These are several of the most popular channel letters in NYC, with each type used by different organizations. With backlit, halo effects, neon, LED, UL Listed Components, and more, our company is dedicated to providing you with top tier sign support, and because we can also help you repair, service, install, or replace these signs, our company is your one stop source for all of your lighted letter needs.

Call Signs Central Today At 832-791-5199 for More Information About Our Channel Letters

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